1.Foursomes golf is played with a pair playing alternative shots.  However ‘tee’ shots are played alternative irrespective of the last shot played.  In simple terms before starting, each pair must nominate who takes the tee shots on the odd numbered holes and the other player takes the even numbered hole.

2.Matches will be played over 18 holes (apart from where extra holes are required, see 6 below) and will be on a matchplay basis.

3.It will be the responsibility of the first named pair, in the match to contact their opponents and arrange the match. The first named pair may wish to play the match on their home course or may agree to play on the second named pair’s course - in either case rule 5 below will apply. Alternatively it may be agreed that the match be played at a neutral venue.

4.Matches will be on a handicap basis. Each individual handicap used will be the player’s most current NLC Golf Society handicap as stated on the web site at the time of the match. The strokes to be given to the higher handicap pair shall be determined by adding the two handicaps of each pair and taking half taking of the difference between the two handicaps rounded up if necessary.

5.In the event that one pair is playing at their own course (where they are both members) that pair shall give an extra 2 courtesy shots to the other pair.

6.If the match is still all square after 18 holes, extra holes shall be played with the winner of the match being the first player to win a hole.

7.On completion of the match the winners should kindly advise their next opponents as well as webmaster –

8.Any questions please email the captain.